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We recommend bark compost that we use for most of our orchids. Here are also a range of additives that you may wish to use as well as bark, perlite and charcoal for example. For other sundries like pots and clips click here

Orchid Potting Bark - Medium Grade - Mini Bag
Model: mini bag
Melcourt brand - A medium grade bark ideal for potting most orchids.The bark chips are around 8-15mm in diameter. This mini bag is approximately 5L and can usually be packed in the box with other items...
Model: Rockwool Grocubes
Highly moisture retentive inorganic potting medium. Ideal for Phragmipediums. Mini Bags approx 3L..
Model: Seedling Mix
A mixture of fine bark, peat and perlite, ready to use. Also good for pleiones, calanthes and thunias. Handy size bag approx. 5L £7 or a mini bag ideal for just a couple of small plants £2.50...
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