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Orchids For Special Occasions

Are you looking for something to make that all-important day a bit more special? If you are organising a wedding, birthday or anniversary party, or any type of celebration, then orchids can make a superb addition to your decorations.

For example, single Phalaenopsis Moth Orchids in flower at the centre of each table make a simple but stunning feature of the room. We can only supply plants in flower, not cut blooms, but there is nothing stopping you cutting the flowers for an arrangement or bouquet. Grow the plant on and every time it blooms, you will be reminded of that special day!

Phalaenopsis are a popular choice as they are always available and come in a wide range of colours. Plus they don't have a lot of foliage so won't be too bulky as a table decoration.

Click here to see an example of Phalenopsis as listed in our shop

Current pricing:

Phalaenopsis with 2 stems in flower (usually 6-8 flowers per stem) £20 each

10 - 19 plants deduct 10 % discount

20 - 30 plants deduct 15 % discount

(Prices exclude delivery)

Please give 4-6 weeks notice for large or specific orders so we can select, reserve and open the flowers for you.

We are more than happy to discuss ideas and requirements for your special day, contact us now.

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