Group Visits

Cattleya orchids flowering in Orchid ParadiseDo you belong to a group or club that is interested in plants? If so then why not take a trip to visit our Orchid Paradise?

Rain or shine we can guarantee a great show of orchids 12 months of the year. Whether you are serious orchid enthusiasts, keen gardeners or just looking for a memorable day out then make sure that our nursery is in your programme of events for this year.

Our special display house 'Orchid Paradise' is an ever-changing display of the most rare and exotic orchids in our collection. Many of these orchids you won't see anywhere else in the UK and these plants are part of the nursery collection built up over 60 years. The flowers on show change from season to season making it always worth a visit!

As of January 2019, the Orchid Paradise greenhouse will be closed for winter maintenance, reopening by Easter 2019. Some of our flowering stock plants will still be on display in the nursery greenhouses so please explore to discover the orchids that are in bloom. Group guided tours are still available during this time.

With such an amazing range of orchids, Burnham Nurseries and Orchid Paradise is the ideal venue for your group visit. Both educational and fun, it is all under cover, with some stunning specimens on display all year round.

We are sure that your enthusiastic members love their plants, but have they tried growing wonderful and exciting orchids? Maybe they have been too afraid; orchids are much misunderstood but are easier to grow than many people think!

Prior booking of groups is preferred and appreciated if possible.


  • Free parking including ample room for coaches
  • Guided Tours of Orchid Paradise and the Growing Houses
  • Café Vanilla for light refreshments
  • Orchid Shop with books, gifts, feed, compost, sundries and of course the orchids themselves
  • A comfortable temperature all year round and all under cover from the elements

2019 Group Rates

Whilst admission to the nursery is free, we do offer a Special Group Package at the following rate:

In the ‘Special Group Package’ we will include in your visit:

Guided Tour by Sara Rittershausen of our display house ‘Orchid Paradise’, during its summer open season, and nursery with lots of Orchid Cultural Tips along the way.

Orchid Surgery: your members can bring along any orchids they may already have for expert advice and even re-potting*

Refreshments: A cup of tea or coffee per person is included. 

Get a group together of 10 people or more and visit us at any time of the year and you can experience all this for only £5.00 per person!

Lunches can also be arranged and menus with food pre-ordering form available, please ask as pre-booking is essential for large groups. Please see terms and conditions below.

Evening Visits:

Evening visits are only available from May to September and only by prior booking, subject to the date being convenient. Arrival should be by 7.00pm at the latest to make the most of the lighter evenings as we have little artificial light in the greenhouses.

There is a minimum group size of 20 people for evening visits, £5.00 each to include a private guided tour of the orchid houses and tea or coffee.

So, if you think your members could be bitten by the orchid bug, contact us now to book your ‘Orchid Experience’!

* Depending on time and numbers of plants needing advice, we may be limited to the number of plants per person. We will, however, try to deal with everyone’s questions whenever possible. We may offer re-potting of the plants depending on necessity, season and time available. There may be a small charge made for re-potting.

Making a Booking

Please feel free to contact us to make a booking or enquiry and we will make sure your visit is truly memorable.


Group Bookings Terms & Conditions


Minimum 10 people on daytime, 20 people on evening Tour option.

Maximum 25 people in one group or 35 people split into 2 groups.


Maximum 20 people when pre-ordering from the regular menu. 10 - 20 people pre-order only. Under 10 people can order lunches on the day.

20-35 people - we can offer a sandwich buffet lunch with a mixture of fillings, crisps and salad @ £6 per person.


For groups under 20 for a Tour option only, no deposit required.

For groups under 20 pre-booking lunch, £20 deposit is payable per group. 

For all groups 20-35 people 20% deposit required of total Tour and/or Booked Food cost. 

All deposits are non-refundable.