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Orchid Paradise

Our Orchid Paradise greenhouse has reopened again, with a few changes!

The nursery has a huge collection of orchids from all around the world, many of which we grow on to large specimens to then use for propagation and display. In this area you will see a selection of these special plants on show when they are in flower, different species with each month of the year and always something interesting to see in bloom.

In addition to the flowering orchids we also now have a series of informative and educational displays. See how the orchids grow from tiny seeds, learn more about their habitats and habits of growth. Plus there is a historical timeline of how our nursery has grown over three generations of the Rittershausen family.

We have also now included some additional seating areas in this greenhouse so you can have morning coffee or a tasty lunch from our Café Vanilla whilst enjoying the atmosphere around our rainforest pool.

Don’t forget our new opening hours are 10am – 3pm Monday to Friday

plus One Open Weekend Each Month. Check our  Events Page for the dates.

Orange cattleyas and white coelogyne orchids in flower in Orchid Paradise


Even if you know nothing about orchids you will be in awe at the range and diversity within the orchid family.

 It is the world’s second largest plant family with over 30,000 species and in excess of 120,000 hybrids. Whether you are a serious orchid enthusiast, a keen gardener or just looking for a memorable day out then make sure that our nursery is somewhere you visit this year!

Our orchids in bloom are ever-changing with rare and exotic to the popular and latest varieties. Many of these orchids you won't see anywhere else in the UK and are part of the nursery collection built up over 70 years. The flowers on show change from season to season making it always worth a visit!

From big, blousy blooms to tiny, exquisite miniatures; from the recognisable to the unimaginable; in every colour of the rainbow. This is the fascination of orchids, come and enjoy them with us!


Group guided tours are available with plenty of parking.  Prior booking for large parties is appreciated and we offer a Special Group Package to include guided tours and refreshments.

Orchid Paradise Photo 2021

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