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Super Specimens

Many are one-offs or limited numbers, also some are large specimens that have taken years to grow. The plants are not currently flowering unless stated that they have spikes or buds. 
Model: Large plants
Many showy flowers are clustered around the base of the pseudobulbs, in white and yellow with rose-purple tips to the petals. Fragrant. Winter flowering. Central America. Intermediate min 12°C. Large flowering size plants The average pot size for these plants is around 19cm. All the sizes have..
Model: Large Plant
A very tall growing species with highly fragrant flowers on a short arching stem from within the new leaf growth. Warm. SE Asia.  The average pot size for these plants is 23cm. Number of leads: 1 Number of bulbs: 2-3 Height: 110cm The second picture shows a typical plant, bu..
Model: Large Plants
A cross between the two species massangeana and pandurata. The long, pendent stem holds large green flowers and black lip. Warm growing min 15°C. Summer flowering.Average pot size - 21cmAverage height including the pot - 70cm Please note plants pictured are examples only...
Model: Large Plant
As the name suggest it has lots of flowers, small but highly numerous and strongly scented. Creamy white flowers with a yellow lip on an arching stem growing form the base of large bulbs with tall leaves. Usually Spring flowering. Grow in intermediate temerpature minimum 12ºC in winter with regular ..
Model: large plants
Formally known as Coelogyne dayana, this is the longest of the pendent stemmed species. On a mature plant it can produce many stems, forming a curtain of flowers around a basket. The flowers are creamy coloured with a deep brown lip, very pretty. It is a warmer growing species needing a minimum of 1..
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