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Bulbophyllum careyanum Bulbophyllum careyanum
-33 %
Model: Special Offer
Also known as the Fir Cone OrchidShort spikes of yellowy-brown flowers. Fragrant. SE Asia. Intermediate needing a minimum of 12°CAverage pot size - 10cmPlease note plants pictured are examples only...
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Camaridium cucullatum Camaridium cucullatum
-25 %
Model: Special Offer
Triangular yellow flowers from the base of the plant with a very dark, almost black lip. Cool growing, summer flowering. South America. Large multi-leaded plants of flowering size.  The average pot size for these plants is 12-15cm. Please note plant pictured is an example only...
£15.00 £20.00
Coelogyne cristata var. alba Coelogyne cristata var. alba
Bestseller -20 %
Model: Special Offer
Pure white flowers with no other colour, this is quite unusual in nature to not even have a touch of yellow in the centre. Cool minimum 10 C with winter rest. Winter flowering.Average pot size - 10cmAverage height - 35cm  Please note plant pictured is an example only...
£20.00 £25.00
Dendrobium Berry Oda Dendrobium Berry Oda
-25 %
Model: standard size
NOT IN FLOWERThis type of dendrobium comes from Australia and is cool growing, liking a drop to 10ºC in winter. They produce a mass of small, bright pink flowers which are also sweetly scented. Grows well with the nobile type dendrobiums and cymbidiums. These orchids are grown in a bark mix in..
£15.00 £20.00
Model: 4 plants
Dendrochilum Collection The chain orchids from The Philippines are ever popular,  they are quite easy to grow, requiring a minimum 12°C at night, an intermediate environment.  Good light is required but shade from the bright summer sun. They like to watered well when in leaf growth but ..
Model: book special offer
Get our new book "Happy Orchid", all about how to keep your orchids growing well and looking great, plus our book all about the history of our family's nursery - "Orchids-One's Family's Passion", it's a fascinating read! Usually £9.99 each, special offer ..
Masdevallia paivaeana Masdevallia paivaeana
-20 %
Model: Special Offer
Tubular pink fragrant flowers from the base of the plant, single flowers on long stems. Cool minimum 10°C The average pot size for these plants is 9cm. Please note plant pictured is an example only...
£12.00 £15.00
Maxillaria coccinea Maxillaria coccinea
-13 %
Model: Special Offer
Sometimes known as Ornithidium coccineum – Clusters of small bright red flowers around the base of the plant, makes a good specimen plant but still as a manageable plant. Caribbean. Intermediate minimum 12°C. Flowering size.Average pot size is 10cm.Please note plants pictured are exam..
£13.00 £15.00
Maxillaria notylioglossa Maxillaria notylioglossa
-20 %
Model: Special Offer
Compact creeping habit of growth with ice green flowers on short stems.Brazil.Cool-Intermediate growing needing a minimum of 10-12°CAverage pot size - 8-9cmAverage height including pot - 20cmPlease note plants pictured are examples only...
£8.00 £10.00
Miltonia spectabilis Miltonia spectabilis
-40 %
Model: Special Offer
When in flower these orchids produce large, showy flowers, one or two at a time. They grow well in a pot, basket or on bark.Origin - Brazil.Grow minimum 12°C in winter, in a shady position in summer.Average height - 25-30cmAverage pot size - 10cm Please note plants pictured are examples only. ..
£12.00 £20.00
Oncidium altissimum
-10 %
Model: Special Offer
Tall branching stems of small bright yellow flowers. West indies.Cool growing needing a minimum of 10°CAverage pot size - 15-17cmPlease note plants pictured are examples only...
£18.00 £20.00
Oncidium globuliferum Oncidium globuliferum
Bestseller -29 %
Model: Special Offer
The small plants produce what at first appears to be a flower spike at varying times of the year, which grows long and winding. It then produces offshoots along its length which turn into little individual plants. It is these plants that then go on to flower with single,large blooms, golden yellow w..
£5.00 £7.00
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