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Learn about orchids on an Orchid Masterclass. They are an ideal way for any beginner or enthusiastic novice to learn more about these fascinating plants and how to grow them. They are fun days with lots of orchid information to be gained. An ideal gift for an orchid lover, or just for yourself if you want to learn more!


Model: gift voucher
The ultimate gift for the orchid lover: a wonderful visit to our nursery with a personal tour and expert advice plus delicious refreshments You will be treated to a personal guided tour of the nursery including behind the scenes with owner and third generation orchid grower Sara Rittershausen. Se..
Model: Beginners' Masterclass - 15th April 2023
Date - Saturday 15th April 2023 This is an ideal full day course for beginners, introducing you the wonderful world of orchids. The day includes the topics of – basic watering, re-flowering, solving problems and growing the easiest varieties in the home. Hands on re-potting an..
Model: Improvers' Masterclass - 15th July 2023
Date - Saturday 15th July 2023 This is a good follow-on class for anyone who has been keeping orchids for a little while and is keen to learn more. During this course we will learn about different orchids to expand your collection and includes advice on feeding, resting, propa..
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