Monthly Orchid Scheme - Package A

Monthly Orchid Scheme - Package A

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Would you like to build up your collection with a superb selection of orchids, handpicked for you from our stock of wonderful plants? If so then we can offer you our special 'Monthly Orchid' service.

Simply give us a few guidelines on what type of orchids you like, the temperature range, plus any preferences for colour, fragrance etc and each month we will send you a different, exciting plant (or plants) about to flower! All plants come with full growing instructions.

PACKAGE A: One easy to grow standard size flowering Orchid, ideal for the home in a mixture of different types £30 per month , including delivery. Contact us to arrange monthly payments.

 PREPAY 6 MONTHS £180 – 12 MONTHS £360

Start your 'Monthly Orchid' scheme now and receive a 300ml bottle of Orchid Myst fertiliser absolutely FREE with your first order!

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