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Restrepia antennifera 'Giselle'

Restrepia antennifera 'Giselle'
Restrepia antennifera 'Giselle'
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Cool growing miniature orchids which grow at high altitude in Central and South America.  These are ideal for terrariums as they enjoy the humidity created in that environment.

Clump forming plants with thick leaves on a thin stem.  The flowers are produced where the leaf meets the stem and they can bloom several times a year in any season.  The exquisite fowers have detailed patterning, best seen with a magnifying glass!

Grow in a minimum 10°C in Winter, shaded in Summer and damp all year.  Theyare potted in a mix of sphagnum moss and Perlite to help them keep moist.  Mist leaves regularly to increase the humidity 

The average pot size for these plants is 6cm.

3" slender flowers, yello/orange with red stripes. 
Various flowering times. Ecuador.

Please note plant pictured is an example only.

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