Two Large Orchids Win Awards

Posted On: 2016-01-30 19:42:55 ; Read: 2652 time(s)

We have won 2 new awards this week after transporting 2 large orchid specimens to Kew Gardens for judging by the RHS Orchid Committee.

Sara Rittershausen, who runs Burnham Nurseries and sits on the RHS Orchid Committee herself, was pleased to be awarded and RHS Certificate of Cultural Commendation for each of the plants. This award is given for plants of excellent health, size and flowering and especially to large specimen sized plants.

One orchid, from South East Asia, called Coelogyne multiflora, is a large, leafy plant measuring 1m high and had produced 23 flower stems totalling nearly 3500 cream coloured flowers, each only 1cm across, approximately 150 per stem.

The second orchid, Dendrobium jonesii, comes from Australia and is growing hanging with the sprays of 700+ delicate white flowers cascading down on 15 stems.

Both are particularly strongly scented, something that was challenging on the long drive to and from the judging meeting as the scent in the car was quite overpowering!

The orchids are currently flowering and on display in Orchid Paradise

Two Large Orchids Win Awards Two Large Orchids Win Awards Two Large Orchids Win Awards Two Large Orchids Win Awards

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