Christmas Specials List 2018

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Christmas Specials List 2018

Every year we put together a list of special plants, many are one-offs or in small numbers. Most are divisions from our mother plant stock and so not always available.

These plants usually sell quite quickly so it's first come first served!

Please call us on 01626 352233 or email to reserve your plants for immediate despatch or to be held nearer to Christmas.

Or you can collect from the nursery to avoid the delivery charge.

We will try to keep the availability of the plants up to date on this list but if enquiries come in overnight then we will update the following morning.

Good Luck!

  details available  price  pot size
1 Coelia bella pink & white fragrant flowers at the base, in bud. Intermediate 4  £        40.00 20cm
2 Anguloa clowesii bright yellow, waxy, tulip shape flowers, fragrant. Cool 3 £80 7.5L 
3 Anguloa Isabelle (clowesii x virginalis) soft cream or pale pink, large tulip-shaped fragrant flowers. Cool 2  £        50.00 15cm
4 Anguloa Victoire (clowesii x eburnea) soft cream or white, large tulip-shaped fragrant flowers. Cool 3  £        30.00 12cm
5 Arpophyllum giganteum bottle-bush stem of tiny pink flowers, tall plants. Intermediate - warm 6  £30/40/50  15-19cm
6 Brassia Rex sprays of spidery-green flowers, fragrant, 2 spikes. Intermediate 2  £        50.00 20cm
7 Brassia verrucosa var. majus sprays of spidery green flowers. Intermediate multiple  £        40.00 4L
8 Chysis Chelsonii (bractescens x laevis) 10 bulbs, 2 leads, XL. Intermediate SOLD  £     100.00 20cm
9 Coelogyne asperata arching cream fragrant flowers, very tall plants. Warm.  COLLECTION ONLY multiple  £75/£100  7.5L
10 Coelogyne Green Dragon 'Chelsea' AM/RHS pendent stems of green & black flowers, XL. Warm multiple  £60/80/100 

20cm ave


11 Coelogyne multiflora Long sprays of many small white flowers, fragrant, tall plants XL. Intermediate - warm 4  £        80.00 7.5L
12 Coelogyne ochracea multi leaded large plants, white and orange fragrant flowers. Cool multiple  £        80.00 18cm
13 Cymbidium aloifolium pendent stem of smaller yellow and red flowers. Warm 1  £     100.00 7.5L
14 Dendrobium moschatum clusters of yellow/orange flowers with dark centre, very tall plants. Cool. COLLECTION ONLY 8  £        80.00 25cm
15 Dendrobium speciosum spray of many small creamy white fragrant flowers, large growing. Cool 1  £     100.00 33cm
16 Dendrobium thyrsiflorum large bunch of cream and orange flowers, 4 leads, multiple bulbs XL. Cool 1  £     100.00 30cm clay pot
17 Encyclia oncidioides large mature plant, tall spikes of orangey-yellow flowers, pink lip. Intermediate SOLD  £        40.00 5L
18 Guarianthe bowringiana large division, 6 bulbs, head of deep pink flowers. Intermediate SOLD  £        60.00 26cm
19 Maxillaria fletcheriana large white flowers from the base, yellow lip. Intermediate SOLD  £        30.00 17cm
20 Maxillaria ubatubana a larger growing version of Maxillaria picta, yellow with red spots and fragrant. Intermediate 3 £20 12cm


21 Miltonia spectabilis multi-leaded plants growing over the side of the pot. Large soft lilac and white flowers. Intermediate 4  £        40.00 50cm spread
22 Nitidobulbon nastutum tall growing with orangey-brown flowers at the base. Intermediate 6  £        30.00 17cm
23 Oncostele Catatante tall branching stems of pretty orange flowers, easy to grow, 3 leads. Cool-intermediate 1  £        30.00 17cm
24 Phaius flavus 2 leads, full pots ready for potting or dividing, tall stems of yellow flowers, unusual spotted leaves. Intermediate SOLD  £        40.00 17cm
25 Phaius tankervilliae tall stem of large copper flowers with pink lip, large growing. Cool 1  £40/£50  18-22cm
26 Phragmipedium Sorceror's Apprentice very tall stems of copper slipper flowers, large growing. Warm multiple  £        60.00 22cm
27 Pleurothallis calceolaris several deep red flowers sitting on the large, oval leaves. Cool SOLD  £        40.00 12cm
28 Pleurothallis restrepioides sprays of burgundy and white speckled small, bell-like flowers. Cool 2  £        30.00 12cm
29 Prosthechea brassavolae tall head of olive green flowers with pink lip, narrow petals, large growing. Intermediate 2  £        30.00 18-24cm
30 Prosthechea brassavolae extra large plant with 4 leads, olive green and pink flowers. Intermediate 1  £        80.00 7.5L pot
31 Prosthechea prismatocarpa tall spray of mint green flowers with dark speckles, large growing in time. Intermediate multiple  £        40.00 19cm ave
32 Tricopilia hennisiana cluster of trumpet-like white flowers from the base of the plant, yellow centre. Intermediate multiple  £        20.00 12cm
  The following are all divisions from mother plant cattleyas and the purpuratas especially are very good, large plants. All intermediate      
33 Brassolaeliocattleya Golf Green 'Hair Pig' Large green flowers with highly frilled lip SOLD  £        80.00 22cm
34 Cattleya crispa Large white flowers with crinkled edges and deep cerise in the centre. SOLD  £        40.00 18cm
35 Cattleya purpuata var. carnea 'Pink Dawn' x 'Maiden's Blush' Very  large white flowers with salmon pink lip, fragrant SOLD  £        60.00 20cm
36 Cattleya purpurata 'Bion' x 'Treasure of Carpintera' Large white flowers with deep pink lip, fragrant 1  £        80.00 22cm
37 Cattleya purpurata 'Treasure of Carpintera' x self Very large white flowers with deep cerise lip, fragrant 1  £     100.00 22cm
38 Cattleya purpurata var. lemoniana Very large white flowers with lemon-yellow lip, fragrant SOLD  £     100.00 25cm
39 Cattleya purpurata var. werkhauseri Very large white flowers with soft purple lip, fragrant SOLD  £        60.00 20cm
40 Laeliocattleya Canhamiana 'Coerulea' Large flowers softly blushed in lavendar-purple, lip darker SOLD  £        50.00 20cm
41 Laeliocattleya Chit Chat 'Tangerine' Heads of several small but bright orange flowers 1  £        50.00 20cm

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