New year changes

Posted On: 2018-01-26 14:53:47 ; Read: 1090 time(s)

Some Changes are Afoot!
We just wanted to let you know about a few changes happening shortly. 

We will be sending our Orchid News a little more often, not just once a month, but each email will be shorter and focusing on particular things such as events, offers, new orchids etc. We hope you don't mind hearing from us more regularly, but you can subscribe at the end of the email if you would rather not. To subscribe click here

After 5 years at the same price we are unfortunately having to increase our delivery charges from the 1st February 2018. We have been absorbing the increased costs of fuel and packaging materials but there does come a point where this is not commercially viable.

We will continue to offer an excellent mail order service where you know your plants will arrive well packed by our experience team.
We do not restrict customers to a minimum order value but of course the more you order, the more it spreads the cost of the delivery!
If you are looking to order something very small then please do contact us to see if we can quote for cheaper delivery by Royal Mail. 

So, order before the end of January to take advantage of the
lower delivery charges!

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